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Healing While Black Podcast & ECO City Farms: Farming While Black

May 1, 2022

Four part mini-series teaser presented by Healing While Black Podcast in collaboration with ECO City Farms. 

About ECO City Farms & The Beginning Farmer Education Program:

ECO City Farms is a nonprofit urban teaching and learning farm in Prince George’s County that grows great food, farms and farmers in ways that protect, restore and sustain the natural environment and the health of local communities. Working with area children, youth and adults, ECO educates and trains the next generation of urban farmers and eaters. 


ECO City Farm’s Growing Urban Farms and Farmers Program is a 10-month-long training program designed to help aspiring, new, or beginning farmers learn about farming– from the ground up. The program uses a culturally­-appropriate curriculum that incorporates everything from hands­-on experiences to mentoring to crop production to business and administrative skills and more. Upon completing the program graduates earn a Certificate of Urban Commercial Agriculture and continuing education credits.

Learn more about programs of ECO City Farms and how you can get involved here!


This podcast series “Farming While Black” is created by Healing While Black, LLC as a partnership with the Healing While Black Podcast and ECO City Farms with special funding from the USDA-financed Beginning Farmer and Rancher Development Training Program. Every effort has been made to appropriately credit the sources. The content of this podcast episode reflects the opinions and experiences of the speakers and podcast hosts and does not necessarily reflect the views of ECO City Farms or USDA.

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