Healing While Black Podcast

Episode 4: Can’t Steal Our Joy: The Healing Power of Music

December 8, 2020
Guest, Ghislaine “Qi Dada” Jean of music duo Riders Against the Storm and host of Qi Dada Life join Quiana & Misty for a dynamic conversation about the role music has played in the lives of Black folks.
Follow our guest, Qi Dada, on Instagram @Qidadalife. Check out Riders Against the Storm at rashiphop.com and follow the duo on Instagram @rashiphop
Grab you and the kid in your life a coloring book (links below) from Doreen Vail. Check her out on facebook @https://www.facebook.com/doreen.s.vail and Instagram @therealdoreenvail
"I'm Great and I Know It" Coloring Book by Doreen Vail 
"I'm Great and I Know It" Song by Doreen Vail 

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